A Publication of the Australian Irish Heritage Association

Volume 6 Number 4

Summer 1998



A short commentary on the issue of Remembrance Day for the 50,000 Irish killed in World War 1, but who could not have a memorial in their native land

Ceremony at Mesen

Commemoration at Belgian village of Mesen near Ypres, of the Irish who served in WW1. A round tower reconstructed from stones from the former Mullingar workhouse was unveiled by President McAleese

Commemoration For Irish War Dead

Andy Pollack gives a brief summary of the inauguration of the memorial peace park at Messines (France)

Nightingales And Death As Irish Fell Side By Side

Kevin Myers describes the successful cooperation between units from pre-war Irish National Volunteers and the unit drawn from the Ulster Volunteer Force

Bagenal Harvey

An address given by Helen Skrine on 4 July 1998 at Bargy Castle at the rededication of the Bagenal Harvey memorial in Mayglass

Kelly the Boy from Killane

A poem by Patrick Joseph McAll

True Blue Irish meets the Real Thing

Elsje O'Rourke-Maassen describes her Irish experiences at an Alliance for Catholic Education class in the US

Tony Blair

An Irish Timers editorial on Tony Blairís address to both houses of the Oireachtas

Crisis in Northern Ireland peace accord.

An Irish Times article on the difficulties faced in the continued pursuit of peace in the North

Garrett Fitzgerald a Former Taolseach Writes

A commentary on the recognition of Irish war veterans.

Agents of Influence

In homage to the subject of Tom Keneallyís book, Stuart Rintoul traces the indelible print of the Irish in Australia.

Caroline Norton and Erin

An essay by Kieran Dolin exploring the Irish links of Caroline Norton, a 19th century English writer whose husband brought an adultery law suit against the then Prime Minister.

'Speranza' - Oscar's Mother

Stephanie Green recounts some history of Oscar Wildeís mother who used the pen name "Speranza" and was said to have had an important part in the development of Wildeís facility for witty dialogue

The O'Donnell Irish Collection

Archivist Jane Carolan explains Melbourne Universityís Newman College collection of Dr Nicholas OíDonnell, born in 1862 in Victoria, of Irish parents who was not only a collector but a diligent reader in all areas of Irish history and culture.

Children and St Patrick

Colm OíDoherty tells of an Irish childhood preparing for Samhain and discoursing on St Patrick.

Remember the Irish Parliamentary Party

An Irish Times article recalls the work of the Irish Parliamentary Party whose fate "was the fate of historyís losers, their achievements were denigrated." But there are those who came to respect and value its contributions.

Future Journey

Yvonne L Fix, who was commended in the 1997 Literary prize for her story of a familyís plight during the famine in Mayo leading to reluctant and painful; emigration to the US.

Good Books Lately

Jenny Gifford reviews The Pines Hold Their Secrets by Jill Blee about a family who travel from Hobart to join their father on Norfolk Island.

Mary Hicks reviews A Marking of Fire by Alec Choate, a collection of poems, including some of the north of WA.

Ursula Frayne: a Biography by Kovesi Killerby is reviewed by Rita Farrell

Letters to the Chairman

A letter from President McAleese to Joe OíSullivan thanking the AIHA for their kindness during her recent visit and a further letter from David Trimble thanking the Association for its congratulatory letter on the award of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Hibernamus in Hiberniae

Kevin Myers muses on the closeness of the Latin words "Hibernia" for Ireland and "hibernus" for winter but also noting that Ireland is at its best in winter.

Parnell's Baton

The note on Parnellís whitehorn stick as it passed through the literary world to Seamus Heaney.

Scotch Corner

Alex Main talks on the patron saint of Scotland, Andrew, and his remote connection with that land.

From The Past

An article from the "WA Record" of 2 April 1904, describing the formation of the Celtic Club.

An Nollaig ­ Christmas

A language lesson from Mary Richardson on the Irish Gaelic words of the Xmas season.

Centre For Irish Studies

Director Bob Reece on progress since the establishment of the Centre for Irish Studies

The Fenian Rising In Drogheda And The Aftermath

Ormande Waterís article on the Drogheda uprising in 1867 which saw many board the vessel "Hougoumount for a voyage to Fremantle.

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