A Publication of the Australian Irish Heritage Association

Volume 6 Number 2

Winter 1998


Daniel Mannix Memorial Lecture

The annual Daniel Mannix memorial lecture delivered on 4 September, 1996 by Patrick Dodson, Chairman of the Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation who compares and contrasts the lives of Daniel Mannix, Roman Catholic Prelate from County Cork, with his grandfather, Paddy Djiagween, the holder of the law for a generation or more of Yawuru people at Broome.

Place Poetry And Belonging

An article from an interview by Andrew Lynch with the Perth born poet John Kinsella covers such topics as Kinsellaís new job teaching Irish and Australian poetry at Cambridge and his fondness for Seamus Heaneyís work.


Joe Crozier has a quick look at the play "Them" from the playwright, Tom Coffey performed by the Irish Theater Players.

Early Irish Theatre Remembered

Colm OíDoherty takes us through a nostalgic look at an early Irish Theatre from the 17th century to the present day noting that an Irish play was chosen to open an early theatre in Perth in 1879

Joseph Thomas Reilly

While JB OíRiley is well known to many of us, Ian Chambers takes us through the life and times of Joseph Thomas Reilly, a prominent member of the early Western Australian community.

The Brendan Awards

This yearís Brendan Awards won by Irish Theatre Player President Bill Motherway and Gidgegannup sculptors Joan and Charlie Smith.

The Road Home

A story by Sean Ryan, the winner of the Irish Heritage Association literary award, about a relative who was raised by the gypsies and traveled most of Europe with them during the famine times in Ireland in the 19th century.

To Hunger

The poem, "Hunger" by Jan Hale, was the winner of the poetry section of the Irish Famine literary prize

Mali Belly

"Mali Belly" by Casandra Hill was one of the joint winners of the essay section of the Irish Famine literary prize about the repatriation of people to Mali, in West Africa which includes the legendary town of Timbuktu

The Land The Crow The Wind

by Karen Overman-Edmiston was the other joint winner of the essay section of the Irish Famine literary prize

Farewelling an Emigrant Daughter ñat County Cavan 1855

A poem by Anne Gleeson which was commended as an entry in the Irish Famine literary prize

A Christmas Story

Margaret Scrymgeourís story was the winner of the short fiction section of the Irish Famine literary prize

Hungry Australians

This short story by Sandi Kogteus about a small family group slowly crossing the sun parched plains looking for food was runner-up in the short fiction section of the Irish Famine literary prize.

Aspects of Hunger

Geoff Armstrong looks at some historical aspects of the potato famine in Ireland. The essay was runner-up in the essay section of the Irish Famine literary prize


Elizabeth Brennan talks of the self doubts of a young mother as she breast feeds and cares for a young baby.

Mary Durack Memorial Lecture 1998

This yearís Mary Durack Memorial lecture was by writer and broadcaster Clare Dunne on the subject of "Mother Ireland Mother Earth" where she spoke of the land as a manifestation of the feminine which exists in all our natures.

Letters to the editor

In our Letters to the Editor section we publish a letter from William Durack, brother of Mary Durack, author of the classic Australian story "Kings in Grass Castles" in which he gives his views about the accuracy of the Channel Seven program based on the novel.

The Agreement

A short summary of the Peace Agreement in relation to the Northern Ireland Assembly

A Revisionist Remembers

Brian Gallagherís contribution to the Flinders Uni Literary Society, "Evening with an Irish Flavor" where he seeks to dispel a few myths about Ireland and the Irish, particularly the James Joyce dominance of Irish literature.

Scotch Corner

In Scotch Corner Alex Main speaks of the Scottish facility with words and includes a little known historical context of the great philosopher Bertrand Russell.

Long and Painful Road to Get to Agreement

Dick Walsh looks at the current peace agreement and the journey from the Covenant of a Ulster and the GPO Proclamation through the hard work and difficulties to get to the present position.

Letter to an Irish-Australian Grandchild has a brief look at the game of hurling.

The Ciara Glennon Memorial Law Scholarship

Joe Crozier looks at the establishment of the scholarship and includes some comments from Ciaraís father Denis.

Good Books Lately

In our book review section we have a look at Finbarís Hotel, a multi-authored novel, by Bolger, Doyle, Toibin and others, Poetry Ireland Review, edited by Frank Ormsby, and Classic Irish Short Stories, edited by Frank OíConnor.

"Twelfth" Party at the Aras

In a short article we note the bold move by President Mary McAleese to celebrate the Orangemenís Twelfth of July at her official residence.

Saint Patrickís Celebrations

Joe Crozier gives a brief description of Sundayís eighth annual parade in Fremantle

Perth Historian And OíReilly School

Joe Crozier acknowledges local historian Ormande Watersí expertise on John Boyle OíReilly and his interests in local Western Australian history.

Telling the Time

We provide some Irish Date-Time instruction

The Margaret River meeting of W. B. Yeats Society

Mary Hicks describes the meeting on 12 April 1998 and we publish a copy of the 1996 WB Yeats Poetry Prize by Margaret Samuels.

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