A Publication of the Australian Irish Heritage Association

Volume 7 Number 3

Summer 1999


Peace at Last

A short commentary on the government of Northern Ireland

Devolution and Beyond Seminar

A summary of the AIHA Good Friday seminar in October 1999.

Good Friday Agreement

Philip Bullís contribution to the "Devolution and Beyond" seminar about the Good Friday Agreement.

Snuggling up to the British Lion

Powerful forces jostled for cultural and political supremacy in Ireland and at the start of the century. Yet, writes Fintan OíToole, the countryís place within the British empire seemed increasingly comfortable.

Mary-Attracta Connolly

A brief description of Mary's successful career after graduating from the WA Conservatory of Music including performances with the Three Chinese Tenors and her success with "Opera Under the Stars"

Writing The Troubles: Deirore Madden and Northern Ireland

Mary Burston writes on a notable woman writer from Northern Ireland whose work engaged the contemporary political conflict.

The Touch

A poem from Irish Poet Tony Curtisí book, "Behind the Green Curtain".

Letters to the Editor

Letters from Janet Grace-Pine and Mary Elizabeth Calwell.

Reflections on Referendums and Republics

Eugene McKenna takes us through the vicissitudes of constitutional politics from the defeat of De Valeraís Fianna Fail party in 1948, and De Valeraís 3 day visit to Perth in 1948 where he spoke on the question of Partition, and his return to Government in 1951.

Dilemma: Michael Johnston, High Constable and United Irish Captain

Professor Michael Durey takes us through a personal history of 1798 of someone who was tried for treason for being a Captain in the United Irishmen while also the local High Constable.

Poems Repeat Themselves in Our Consciousness

What are the most popular Irish poems of all times in either English or Irish. On the eve of a new millennium, poet Katie Donovan introduces a readersí poll that aims to find out the answer by looking at poems that linger in the memory and hazarding some reasons why. From Gaeilge to Gaidhlig

Turas na BhFili, an artistic exchange between Irelandís Gaeltacht and Scotlandís Gaidhealtachd, has been going on almost unnoticed for nearly 30 years. Pol O Muiri reports on this years event.

Scotch Corner

Alex Main tells of the campaign by Scots to opt out of the restrictions of the 1701 Act of Settlement which exclude any catholic from the Crown of the British Monarchy .

Behold the Scrums of Ulster

Edmund van Esbeckís moving tale of the Ulster rugby team, crowned champions of Europe at Lansdowne road and described as a magnificent triumph of the improbable which captured the imagination and gained the admiration of the whole country.

Father Peter O'Neill

Ormonde DP Waters' short biography of a priest caught up in the United Irishmen's struggle, arrested, flogged and transported to Norfolk Island.

Life of O'Brien

With every new novel, Edna OíBrien is beset by questions about her looks, her accent, her Irishness but she has had trouble winning critical acclaim in her native land where she remains the glamorous runaway fled the country with an older man at 19, writes Eileen Battersby.

Good Books Lately

Mollie a beautiful book by Mollie McCarthy, detailing the McCarthy family history from the familyís arrival in Australia in the 1860ís

Dr Gavan Daly reviews Frank McCourt's latest book Tis: A Memoir.

Birth of a New Ireland

Deaglan de Breadun and Kevin Rafter write for the Irish Times article historic devolution of power in Northern Ireland.

Not in Front of the Servants

While exploring the social history of the Irish Country House, Olive Sharkey tells of the Laundrymaid.

Ancient Laws Enliven Professorial Lecture

Professor McLeod's lecture on "Celtic Law: Bloodshed and Compensation in Ancient Ireland".

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