A Publication of the Australian Irish Heritage Association

Volume 7 Number 2

Winter 1999


From the President's Desk

Anzac Day and St Patrick's Day

The Spirit of Irish Literature

Dennis Haskell muses on Irish Culture and why it is so

Irish Anticipations of Botany Bay

Bob Reece continues the article about Irish convicts transported to Australia

Margaret Doherty

Tom Kearns writes on the unexpected death of a wonderful friend

Good books lately

Brian Moore: The Chameleon Novelist by Denis Sampson

The Great Shame: A Story of the Irish in the Old World and the New by Thomas Keneally

The Atlantic Celts Ancient People Or Modern Invention by Simon James

An Irish Childhood

Brenda O'Carroll speaks on Peter Sheridan's autobiography 44 - A Dublin Memoir

RTE right to retain its Angelus bell

Garry O'Sullivan speaks on the debate about RTEís independence from organised religion, notwithstanding the Angelus broadcast

Scotch Corner

Alex Main writes that "In the Celtic cultures of the world, women have always been the strong people"

Catalpa Day

A commemoration of the escape of the Fenian sextet.

'A Living Museum'

The dedication of Fremantle Prison as a living museum, including acknowledging the role of the Irish in colony building

Brendan Awards

Bill Coffey's nomination and a story on the international Brendan winner, Jim Stynes.

John Boyle O'Reilly

Branded a traitor 130 years ago the push is on to restore the honour of an Irish folk hero, writes David Reardon

The 1999 John Boyle O'Reilly Commemoration

Ormonde Waters writes on the 11th annual commemoration of an extremely charismatic character

John Boyle O'Reilly

Dr Geoff Gallop explains how we can learn a great deal from the short but eventful life of JB.

The Miracles of Lourdes

Jim Leavesley reflects on the fact that whatever sceptics may assert about Lourdes it does give comfort and hope to the ill

Irish Famine Commemorative Literary Prize

Explanation of the 1988 awards

Correspondence, 17 March 1998

Patricia O'Heareís poetry prize winning poem

The control of activity

Robyn Smithís prize winning essay

Episode in a Drought

Winner of the short fiction prize, by Marjorie Ward

Images of the Heritage Dinner

Some fine photos

Ancient stone road found in Ireland

Arturo Rolla reports on the discovery of a cobblestone road which is causing some rethink of Irish history.

When poetry and piping rhyme

John Kelly writes of the unique film collaboration between Seamus Heaney and Liam OíFlynn

Farewell to Australia

Noel McLachlan writes on some history of the ballad of the Catalpa

Leaping Salmon

From the bridge at Oughterard Co. Galway, watching salmon leaping and skittling across the boiling waters

Tartan Revolution

The Scots hope the election for their first Parliament in three centuries will produce a new, self confident Scottish enlightenment.

The South American Irish

Brian McGinn tells us that it is not true that the Irish created all the naval services in South America ñ "they had help from the odd Scots or Englishman."

Joan Walsh-Smith

Sue O'Sullivan explains that Joan Walsh-Smith creates wondrous shapes in wood, bronze, water, copper, clay, steel, each with a spirit of its own.


Mary Richardson explains conversational greetings in Gaelic

Elizabeth Durack

A tribute to a distinguished West Australian whose work is unique in the panorama of Australian art.


Chris Ryder explains the struggle for recognition of Ulster-Scots as a language

Gerry Adams

Brain Corr on Gerry Adamís visit to Australia

Enter the Euro

Brenda O'Carroll on the single European currency

The Lady's Maid

More from Olive Sharkey in the series "Not in From of the Servants" ñ the Ladyís Maid

From the Past

Continuing the articles from the previous Journal of excerpts from JN Brewerís 1826 book "The beauties of Ireland".

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