A Publication of the Australian Irish Heritage Association

Volume 8 Number 3

Summer 2000


Dramatic Tiers: Contemporary Women's Drama from Northern Ireland

An argument that the most significant and successful attempt to revise popular understandings of identity in the North today is from the work of women writers.

Christmas Customs in Ireland

Áine Szymanski tells us of decorations, welcomes, Wren boys, and turning wine into water.

Arthur Dimer and the Mirning

Peter Gifford's paper deals with some of what happened when Arthur Dimerís Mirning people on the Nullarbor fringe region of south-east Western Australia first came into contact with European settlers in the 1870s.

Being an International Exchange Student

Brenda O'Carroll points out some fundamentals in being an exchange student, primarily a sense of humour and a lot of patience.

The Banshee

Mary McGregor describes a banshee experience.

Tom Ahern (1884-1970)

Danny Cusack tells of the passing of Tom Ahern and the Ahern's store, a household name in Perth famous for fitting out generations of Catholic children in their school uniforms.

The Blackbird of Sweet Avondale

The song inspired by Parnell's imprisonment in Kilmainham from October 12, 1881 to May 1882.

Good Books lately

Bilingual Education in Ireland, 1904-1922 by Prof Thomas O'Donoghue.

Simon Adams' book, Exit Wounds: Murder, Diaspora and the Irish Troubles, An Irish-Australian Story, is reviewed by Peter Gifford

Destiny is a Sea without Boundaries by Ted McGowan tells of Ted McGowan's life crowded with incident and challenge, reviewed by Joe O'Sullivan

The Isles: A History. Norman Davies, gets Ireland history alarmingly wrong asserts Dennis Kennedy

A Rebel Hand: Nicholas Delaney of 1798, From Ireland to Australia, by Patricia and Frances Owen

Oliver St. John Gogarty: A Poet and His Times by Ulick OíConnor

Bosie: A Biography of Lord Alfred Douglas by David Murray

The Rebel Countess: The Life and Times of Constance Markievicz by Anne Marreco

The Heart of the Atlantic: The Farthest South Expedition 1907-1909 by Ernest Shackleton

Encyclopedia of Ireland: A-Z Guide to Its People, Places, History and Culture edited by Ciaran Brady

Making Peace by George Mitchell

Mo Mowlam: The Biography by Julia Langdon

An amore for Ireland

"Better the priests than the fascists!" dominates one Italian view of Ireland from the Irish Times.

Whose body really lies beneath this headstone?

Is it W.B. Yeats buried in Drumcliffe churchyard beneath BenBulben's head, or was a consumptive Englishman buried there by mistake?

Vincent Weare - Vale

Joe O'Sullivan tells us that when Vincent Weare, an Anglican priest, died on 7th October the Yeats Society lost its honorary chaplain, the Irish community lost a good friend and many lost a dear companion.

Vincentís Long Journey

A tribute in verse to Vincent Weare by Ian MacLeod

Father John Senan Moynihan, o.f.m. cap (1900-70)

Danny Cusack tells of Fr. Senan Moynihan, Kerryman, priest, historian, editor of the Capuchin Annual, friend of de Valera, who passed away on 26 July 1970 at St. Anne's, Mt. Lawley where, he had served as chaplain to the hospital and nursing home run by the Sisters of Mercy.

The raising of the White Star flag signals new era.

When the White Star flag was raised in Cobh on 20 August 2000 it marked the new beginning of an old building which witnessed the departure of the Titanic.

The Unsung Iceman

A Michael Smith biography of Tom Crean, a Kerryman, who accompanied both Scott and Shackleton on polar expeditions, is reviewed.


Tony Curtis describes, in verse, God's planning

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