A Publication of the Australian Irish Heritage Association

Volume 8 Number 2

Winter 2000



Dr Simon Adams gives us some views of the uncertain future of the Northern Ireland peace discussions

Mary Durack Lecture

Siobhan McHugh talks of her research for work in television productions about Irish history, the Diaspora and tells of the Argentineans with West Meath accents.

Eleventh Irish-Australian Conference

A report on the conference

Yeats in Love

Edna OíBrien discusses some of his "sensibility and torment" as Yeats pursued love.

It's Only A Pipe: It's Not A Word Like Federation

Dymphana Lonergan reports on a field trip to the Australian National Dictionary Centre

The Irish language

If the US and England are two countries divided by a common language, then is Ireland one country divided by an uncommon language?

Good books lately

Brigid by Jill Blee

Temptation by Dermot Bolger

Inishowen by Joseph O'Connor

McCarthy's Bar: A Journey of Discovery in Ireland by Pete McCarthy

The Construction of Dublin by Frank McDonald

Scotch Corner

Burke and Hare, Alex Main tells us, may have ended their careers as bodysnatchers to anatomist Dr Knox but they had a role in building the Forth and Clyde Canal.

We Mourn

A tribute to the passing of Elizabeth Durack and Sr Helen Lombard

100 favourite Irish poems

from readers of the Irish Times and Poetry Ireland

The Great trek

Susan Hansford retraces 220km of Irish footsteps in this story by by Danny Cusack

A developed West of plenty in a wider world of want

A quick and sober review of 1000 years of Ireland and the hope of release from want of those who still live in poverty around the world.

The Jews In Ireland

A talk given by Professor Alex Cohen at a dinner on 13 June 2000 to celebrate WB Yeatsí birthday in which he reviews Jewish Irish history

Foundation Day

Some West Australian history by Ruth Marchant-James

Common Origins

Dr Felix McKnight looks at the beginnings of Aussie Rules and Gaelic football

The Shamrock In The Bush

Danny Cusak describes the 8th annual "Shamrock in the Bush" celebrated at Galong, near Canberra.

Day Tripper

Don Willcox's moving story of a Vietnam vet revisiting memories, was commended by the judges in the Famine Literary Prize

Waves Of Change

Highly recommended by the Famine Literary Prize judges was Clare Boltoní story of the real aspects of a homecoming.

Telling His Story in Poetry

The first Ireland Professor of Poetry, a "poor Ulster Catholic boy", describes his childhood and the respective stories of his life and Ireland walk hand in hand through his work writes Eileen Battersby.

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