A Publication of the Australian Irish Heritage Association

Volume 9 Number 1

Autumn 2001



Message From President McAleese

St Patrick’s Day greetings

Australia Day Inter-Faith Service 2001

A talk by Alex Cohen in the Perth Synagogue on 28 January 2001 and another by Ed Pigott on the same day.

Doctor Ken Easton OBE

Joe O’Sullivan comments on the passing of a founding member who was a "humble village GP:

The First "British" Serviceman To Be Taken Prisoner

Ian Chambers tells us about an interesting POW.

The Matchmaker ,

Some recounting of famous Irish icon, by Kay Lyons

A Series Of Postcards

Form Ardara, Co Donegal during 1932

Master of Re-Invention

Playwright Thomas Kilroy tells of the humble origins of Britain’s WW2 Minister for Propaganda.

Parnell and the Englishwoman

An intriguing tale love and tragedy by Ian Chambers

The Lally Family in France

John Clancy tells of a famous 1690 Wild Geese family, one of whom succeeded Patrick Sarsfield as leader of the French Jacobites.

St Brigid's Feast Day

A St Brigid’s feast day celebrations talk by Agnes O’Kane detailing the lives of some remarkable Irish women.

Kilmainham Gaol

Elizabeth Field’s tour of the famous gaol which is interwoven with Irish social, political and social history.

Stephen Russell Mallory

The life of the "Irish Root" in the 1851 (US) Confederate Cabinet whose achievements are legendary but under reported.

Killaloe Poem

From the 1860’s by an Irish Australian poet.

AIHA Spring Symposium

Reportage from the many speakers at the symposium at Notre Dame in November 2000

The Last Straw

Musing on the deflationary effect on Irish humour caused by economic success.

Good Books Lately

Lockout Dublin 1913, by Padraig Yeates

Ireland and the Great War, by Keith Jeffrey

Women in Parliament: Ireland 1918-2000, by Maedhbh McNamara and Pascal Mooney

The Shifting Balance of Power: Exploring the 20th Century by Joe Lee

Mayo’s Lost Islands: The Inishkeas, by Brian Dornan

Streets Broad and Narrow: Images of Vanishing Dublin, by Kevin C Kearns

The Irish Highwaymen, by Stephen Dunford

The Port of Medieval Dublin, by Andrew Halpin

The Last of the Irish Male

An amusing report of the qualities of an Irish male.

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