A Publication of the Australian Irish Heritage Association

Volume 10 Number 1

Autumn 2002



Sally Desmond muses on St Patrick through a view that "poetry rather than History is the chief vehicle of enduring truths.'


Joe O'Sullivan recounts the loss of a valuable friend, supporter and great community worker, in Maurice Brockwell

The Great Escape

Michael Heseltine gives us plenty of detail in describing, from the Warders' perspective, the escape of the military Fenians on the Catalpa, onEaster Monday, 1876

Eamon DeValera's Mental State.

Dr Jim Leavesley points out Professor Michael Fitzgerald's article in the Journal of Medical Biography, which concludes that the former President was suffering from Asperer's syndrome, a pervasive development disorder.

The Praise of Fionna

A poem with probably sixteenth century language but which has the feeling of the eighth or ninth century, by Usheen ('Oisin' or 'Ossian') son of Fionn, the great revenant of Irish literature. Translated to the Land of Youth by his love of a fairy queen, Usheen returned to Ireland to find Fionn and his warriors long dead and St. Patrick and his monks in power. 

Ecumenical Service of Thanksgiving January 2002

A short recounting of a decided departure from the usual round of churches (and last year's successful service at the Hebrew Synagogue) where the now annual service was held at Murdoch University's Worship Centre.

An Overlooked Irishman

A short biography on WA's second Premier

Whither a Hitch. Whither International Rules

Dr Felix McKnight relates some history of the Gaelic Aussie rules competition which is now flourishing and where Dr McNight poses the possibility of an Irish team based in Australia for the Aussie Rules season returning to Ireland for the Gaelic season. 

Literary Walk

Celebrating the life and times of CY O'Connor, 100 years after his death, by a walk along South Beach and a church service.

Irish And Family Echoes Of Two World Wars

Jean Chetkovich recounts relatives and other Irish who fought and died in two world wars.

Good Books Lately

Jenny Gifford reviews "My Dream of You", the latest from Nuala O'Faolain. 

Andrew Gill reviews a biography of Richard West Nash, written by Michael White but published posthumously.

Ed and Sandra Pigott review Tony Evan's book "C.Y. O'Connor: his life and legacy"

Recent Irish-Australian Writing

A list of recent Irish writings, part of a paper presented by Dr Val Noone at the University of Western Australia on 22 February 2002

Scotch Corner

Dr Alex Main points out that, among other contributions of the kilted people to all aspects of antipodean society, there have been 46 Governors or Governors General, 51 Premiers or Prime Ministers and not surprisingly the founders of all Australian Banks, who were Scots born or of first generation descent.

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