The design of The Brendan Award is based on the concept of St. Brendan The Navigator, featuring a sail-form, cast in bronze which carries the emblem of The Celtic Cross. While the sail is symbolic of the Irish who have come to Australia, either as emigrants or visitors, on a mission to represent Ireland in some useful capacity, the Celtic Cross is the ubiquitous symbol of the early Irish Christians. These stalwart sailors, who were reputed to be great navigators and explorers of the 6th, 7th and 8th centuries, left their native shores to bring the culture of Ireland to the four corners of the globe (the 'known world' of their time). Courage, bravery determination and endurance are amongst the qualities attributed to these people and are embodied in this sculpture. Specifically, this Award endeavors to pay tribute to all those of Irish background who have contributed these qualities to the advancement of Australian Irish Heritage ideals. The sail element, cast in bronze, with mirror-polished cross in relief, stands on a base of polished West Australian Black Granite, which, in turn is symbolic of the seas which St. Brendan and his followers, (down to the present time) had to cross, in order to bring the cultural heritage of Ireland to far off lands. Again, the qualities of endurance, strength and nobility of purpose are embodied in this stone.

Joan Walsh-Smith
Charles Smith

Nominations close 31 December 2016

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