1 Brendan Award - 31 December 2017

2 Joe O'Sullivan Writers Prize - 31 August 2017

3 Joyce Parkes Writers Prize -   31 August 2017

Nominations wanted for the annual Brendan Award

The Brendan Award was established in 1996 to recognise and encourage those in the community who give their time and energy to teach, entertain and focus interest on Australia's Irish heritage. It is the Australian-Irish community's most sought-after prize.
Any person or group can make a nomination, and all relevant work, or contributions will be considered. Examples of desirable candidates for the award are those who have contributed to the community through voluntary work over a long period, have given valuable input to the arts, or through their sporting achievements. The chief consideration is the way they have they enhanced the status of Ireland and the Irish through their activities.
Previous recipients have come from a diverse range of backgrounds. They include actors, musicians, politicians, a footballer and youth motivator. The closing date for nominations is 31 March 2010. Nomination forms and guidelines are available from Denis Bratton, who can be contacted on 9345 3530.