The Australian Irish Heritage Association

THE JOURNAL is a quarterly publication of The Australian Irish Heritage Association and is posted to all members.


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The Journal welcomes original articles and letters at any time either by email or on a disk. Email to  We accept Macintosh or PC floppy disks. Save as Word or RTF. 

Your material may be edited slightly to fit The Journal's requirements and you will not necessarily be contacted for permission. If the editor wants to make severe edits all possible attempts will be made to tell you about it before publication. If you do not respond your article may not be published. If you send cuttings or articles from other publications they must be accompanied by a written copyright clearance from the copyright holder. (This does not apply to newspaper headlines or small cuttings that may be used as fillers.)

All material must have your name on it.

If you want your name withheld, make that clear. The Journal does not print anonymous material.

Copyright remains with the author unless otherwise arranged.


Your co-operation in formatting the style would be appreciated. We employ no paid staff and considerable time can be saved in editing if the following style rules are observed:

b Font: Times. Size: 11point. Justify all text.

b Single space between sentences.

b Italics for book titles.

b Indent paragraphs 3mm (do not leave space between paragraphs)

b Single quote marks.

b Italics for indented quotes


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